Wallets & Portfolios

Build the most feature rich NFT wallet and portfolio overview

In your journey to optimize Wallets and Portfolios, creating a seamless and feature-rich user experience is key. Whether you're building a standalone wallet application or a comprehensive portfolio management platform, the Rarible API empowers you to transform your offerings and set new industry standards.

Features you can leverage

With the Rarible API at your disposal, you gain access to all NFT data and wallet functionality.

  • NFT data: easily dive into collections and item data. Show images, floor prices, descriptions and more.
  • Query ownership: for any address, allowing you to provide users with a comprehensive overview of their assets.
  • Historic ownership: for any address, you can query the historic ownership of their assets.
  • Spam Scoring: to avoid showing users malicious NFTs, and enabling live push-notifications for your wallet.

Leverage the Trading SDK

Seamlessly incorporate features like:

  • wallet connections
  • item minting (inlcuding lazy minting)
  • item transfers
  • and burning in your wallet.

These capabilities will empower you to deliver a holistic and powerful user experience.

Develop Portfolio Insights and Valuation

Leverage our cutting-edge advanced data analytics to establish an insights section for your wallet. Whether you're interested in historical floor prices, ownership details, or collection/item statistics (marketcap, gmv, etc.), our comprehensive tools have you taken care of. For additional information, please refer to this link.