How to set up royalties on an external Collection

  1. Open the royalties contract in a new tab:

  2. Active Contract tab. Make sure Write as Proxy is selected near the top.

  3. Click Connect to Web3.

  4. Expand the setRoyaltiesByToken function to set the royalties for the entire collection.

    You will now need to enter the collection address in the Token (Address) field followed by the tuple for royalties. An example of a tuple is below.

    The first part of the tuple must be the address where you'd like to receive the royalties. The second part is the percentage as Basis Points ie: 1000 = 10% Royalties.

    Below is an example of a tuple which gives the user (0x6C1AaC9EAd0a2c0D328309fbb2cf940F49d26126) 1% royalties on items in the collection.

    The maximum royalties value is 10000 (100%).

    [["0x6C1AaC9EAd0a2c0D328309fbb2cf940F49d26126", 100]]

    In the screenshot below you can see that on the collection (0x4008c2482357632b06526b492c143f4e73ff1b0d) the user (0x6C1AaC9EAd0a2c0D328309fbb2cf940F49d26126) receives 2.5% (250) Royalties.

  5. Click on Write button which will bring up your connected wallet and ask you to pay gas fees to execute a transaction.

  6. Please note that there can be different addresses on each chain. The table below provides an overview:

Ethereum Mainnet0xEa90CFad1b8e030B8Fd3E63D22074E0AEb8E0DCD
Ethereum Goerli0xfeC0F8d936B9cBa92a332bCB06dC7DF4DdE0c253
Polygon Mainnet0xF2514F32aE798Ca29641F6E2313bacB1650Cc76f
Polygon Mumbai0xC61627D0b68018242CB983bB244c9B299b9Cce05
Mantle Mainnet0x78F2F3a68F7450b3d33994D3BA9CA11D103f02CC
Mantle Testnet0x4f4cC63D7f2bC894078d41f284453062842Afa46

Now that Royalties have been set up, royalties will be paid out on every sale in that collection.

Below is an example of a purchase transaction with annotations on what each fee is for: