What is the Rarible API?

The Rarible API is a dynamic, open-source, and multi-chain ecosystem designed to revolutionize NFT interactions and experiences. With a comprehensive suite of APIs, SDKs, and Smart Contracts, it provides a robust foundation for developers and creators to craft innovative NFT applications and marketplaces, allowing you to concentrate on your product.

Most comprehensive Multi-chain NFT API

At its core, the Rarible API serves as a multichain indexer, smart contract platform, and SDK, driving over 5,000 NFT marketplaces, including the renowned Rarible.com. It also fuels a diverse range of applications beyond traditional marketplaces, such as wallets and NFT analytics services. You can explore an array of versatile use cases right here.

The Rarible API thrives in a multichain landscape, accommodating both Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-based and non-EVM-based chains. This flexibility empowers developers to explore a wide array of blockchain ecosystems. Check out the overview here

All information in a single endpoint

Accessing NFT data becomes a breeze with the Rarible API Lightning-fast, unified, and comprehensive, our APIs provide streamlined access to NFT Items, Collections, Activities, and NFT Metadata across multiple blockchains. Whether you're navigating Ethereum, Polygon, IMX, Flow, Arbitrum, Chiliz or more, all your data needs converge within a single endpoint.

Fastest Indexer on the market

The Rarible API's indexer sets the pace in the industry, swiftly retrieving blockchain data through efficient APIs, making data available close to real-time. Say goodbye to the complexities of maintaining your own indexer and the associated costs of operating Blockchain Nodes.

NFT Trading SDK

The Rarible API offers a user-friendly NFT trading SDK that seamlessly connects wallets, facilitates NFT minting, enables sales, and simplifies NFT purchases. In essence, it is a feature-rich toolkit that empowers you to explore the full spectrum of NFT-related functionalities.

Aggregated Order-book

Our platform excels in supporting various marketplaces by providing access to aggregated order-books from major platforms like OpenSea, Rarible, X2Y2, Sudoswap, Objkt, Versum, Teia, and Fxhash. This ensures that your users have access to the most competitive NFT listings in the market.

Powerful Analytics Capabilities

The platform boasts best-in-class analytics tools, featuring OLAP statistics and floor price analysis, providing users with invaluable insights into market trends and performance.

Unmatched Reliability & Robust Tech

Creating the tech from scratch is complicated and time-consuming. Rarible provides access to the tools that the team has been developing for the past 4 years, with wide functionality and data on all the NFTs created.

We take pride in maintaining the highest level of reliability, ensuring a remarkable 99,99% uptime for our API - check out our status page.

This commitment to uptime and stability makes us the most dependable choice in the market, giving you the confidence to build, create, and innovate with the Rarible API.


Rarible API enables arbitrary front-end fees: you can additionally monetize your creations.