Leverage the Rarible API's trading infrastructure to build your web3 game

The Rarible API offers an extensive NFT marketplace infrastructure, empowering game developers and platforms to create customized NFT marketplaces seamlessly integrated with their games.

Exploring Rarible API in Web3 Games

  • Executing NFT Trades - Fulfill aggregated NFT listings from major marketplaces across EVM chains.
  • Managed Orderbook - Establish your NFT orderbook with complete functionality, eliminating concerns about routing or gas optimization.
  • Tailored Fees - Integrate custom fees into orders and add fees on top of aggregated listings.
  • Custom Chain Indexing - Implement Rarible API on your appchain, ensuring adaptability and scalability tailored to your game's unique requirements.
  • NFT Minting - Enable users to mint NFTs directly from within your in-game marketplace or gaming experience.
  • Royalty Enforcement - Using the Rarible API royalties are enforced on-chain for all native listings

In-Game Buying and Selling

The Rarible API empowers game developers to seamlessly integrate NFT marketplace functionality into their in-game experiences. Create an in-game marketplace, onboard users directly within your app, or incorporate trading into gameplay without the need to redirect to external marketplaces or exit the game!

Browser-Based Experiences

For games designed for in-browser play, we recommend utilizing our SDK to ensure a smooth and integrated trading experience.

Gasless transactions

Our tech stake allows for gasless transactions, so your users don't need to deal with gas. To find out more please get in touch via our Telegram.

Utilizing Rarible API Tools

Developers have various options to begin building with Rarible API. To effectively harness Rarible API for crafting a custom marketplace, we recommend using our Rarible SDK: An abstracted SDK for seamless interaction with the NFT market, wrapping all Protocol API functionalities into easily accessible, high-performance methods.