v1.72 - 6th December 2023

  • Research issue when Metadata couldn't be retrieved for a long time
  • Restore Gamisodes activity on Flow
  • Retry block indexing if network error received
  • Enabled OS order load on Arbitrum
  • Fixed incorrect ERC-20 balances in some cases

v1.71 - 28th November 2023

  • Block exchanges addresses erc20 in ZkSync
  • Add usdc indexing on goerli
  • Fixed: Add alert "If the creation of orders for OS/LR/Sudo has stopped

v1.70 - 24th November 2023

  • Add item full text search by title, description, trait values
  • Add item on sale filter
  • Deploy indexers for Astar ZK EVM
  • Separate configs and annotations in scanner

v1.69 - 9th November 2023

  • added searchActivities endpoint
  • Improve block monitoring
  • Add bids allowance check on order upsert (improve Order execution reliability)
  • Rename controllers and methods in the docs (for new docs)
  • Deployed ethereum indexer on Arbitrum
  • Deployed ethereum indexer on Chiliz
  • Deployed ethereum indexer on Lightlink

v1.68 - 30th October 2023

  • (RS) LightLink integration
  • (RS) Astar integration
  • (RS) zkSync integration
  • Flow - new sport support

v1.67 - 23rd October 2023

  • Simplify configuration for order indexer
  • Simplify configuration for union
  • Simplify ethereum code so it doesn't depend on chain (simplify EVM connection)
  • Simplify currency service

v1.66 - 17th October 2023

  • Started moving configuration to Spring Cloud Config
  • Simplified configuration for EVM nft-indexer
  • Added session hash to Flow client
  • Implement priority queue in meta pipeline
  • Index Paused event in nft collections. Deny trading in paused collections
  • Proxy some requests from Union to Ethereum (so ethereum-api should not be needed to expose)

v1.65 - 9th October 2023

  • Add item sort by traits
  • Add item filter by traits as a number
  • Initial version of Spam protection (covered the case when many tokens are minted to different wallets at once)
  • Don't block indexer if unable to index one block. Add alerts
  • Ability to recover data from skipped block
  • Initial support for Hedera blockchain
  • Fixed: API /refreshCollectionMeta responds for more than 30 seconds

v1.64 - 2nd October 2023

  • Integrated Tenderly to simulate order execution transactions (to improve Order reliability)
  • Added new indexer sent/received metric (to improve data consistency)
  • Fixed: Ownership was not created if user minted ERC-1155 in some cases