How can I participate in the decision process?

The first step to get involved in the governance process is to lock your $RARI at the RARI Foundation in exchange of veRARI (vote-escrowed $RARI). The amount of veRARI you hold translates into the voting power you can use to submit and vote on proposals on-chain.

The governance process in the RARI Foundation consists of the following stages:

  1. Ideation (sharing the initiative and gathering feedback via forum)
  2. Proposal draft (formal proposal draft and community review)
  3. Submission and live voting (proposal is published for on-chain voting on Tally, community has 5 days to review)
  4. Cooldown period (board or Security Council has a right to reject proposal implementation)
  5. Implementation (approved proposals self-execute on-chain, author of the initiative administers the implementation)

To publish the proposal for on-chain voting on Tally, authors require 5000 veRARI. or help from a delegate who supports the idea.