Ownership Data Model

Ownership is a relation between NFT (Item) and a wallet (who owns the NFT)

You can find more information about the data model in the response section of respective API endpoint here.

idstringOwnership Id in format: '${blockchain}:${itemId}:${owner}'
blockchainenumETHEREUM, POLYGON, FLOW etc
itemIdstringItem (NFT) id in format: '${blockchain}:${itemId}'
contractstringcontract id in format: '${blockchain}:${address}'
collectionstringcollection id in format: '${blockchain}:${collectionId}'
tokenIdstringtoken id if applicable (not all blockchains have token id)
ownerunion addresswallet address in Union format: '${blockchain}:${address}'
valuestring (BigInteger)amount of items owned by the owner
lazyValuestring (BigInteger)amount of lazy items owned (creator owns lazy-minted items before they are sold)
Date and time of ownership created (when owner started to own this NFT)
Date and time when Ownership was changed
bestSellOrderobject (Order)Cheapest listing Order
bestBidOrderobject (Order)Highest (most expensive) Bid for the NFT

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