Collection Data Model

Collection represents a group of NFTs. Historically NFTs were grouped by smart-contracts which were considered as collections. Later on appeared projects which allowed minting NFTs in the same contract so one contract could contain several collections. Or vice-versa, sometimes several smart-contracts contain NFTs from one collection

You can find more information about Collection data model in the API reference section

idstringidentifier of the Collection, format is ${blockchain}:${identifier}
blockchainenum"ETHEREUM" "POLYGON" "FLOW" etc...
structureenumCollection structure can be described as:

- REGULAR: a standalone collection that has a corresponding contract address on the blockchain.
- COMPOSITE: an artificial collection that is composed of one or more regular collections or items.
- PART: an artificial collection that is a part of a larger regular collection, thus has a parent collection.
typeenumERC721, ERC1155, FLOW etc - type of Collection contract