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Use Cases

Project Website Description
OnCyber Multiverse for creators built using Rarible Protocol
Unfold Unfold uses Rarible Protocol’s lazy minting support to make it easy for users on mobile to create NFTs in a matter of minutes
Footium Web3 Football Management game that allows players to become the owner, manager and scout for their very own football club.
CocoNFT Create NFTs from your Instagram posts and get Everytime your NFT resells on cocoNFT or Rarible royalties
MintGate MintGate powers NFT-gated events and metaverse tickets, and token rewards on socials and content channels
Ledger Ledger uses Rarible Protocol to show and manage NFTs from wallet interface
ZeroQode Creating NFT launchpad using Rarible Protocol and SDK
Infura Blockchain infrastructure provider that incorporates NFT functionality with Rarible Protocol and SDK NFT aggregator and exchange built on Rarible Protocol
NFTBots Cool tool to create your own NFT twitter bot. Gets data from Rarible Protocol about newly created NFTs and activities
Gem NFT aggregator tool, uses Rarible Protocol to get NFT information like activities, balances, ownerships
Picnic Picnic uses Rarible to help us identify NFTs from creators and collectors in the Picnic showcase. A metaverse with augmented reality and NFT experience
Graflr An app to create NFTs from photo for fans before your show is even over. Uses Rarible Protocol for complete NFT lifecycle, including no gas Lazy-Minting
Digitalax Fasion Metaverse build using Rarible Protocol
Liteflow Whitelabel solution for Web3 NFT marketplaces No-Code plugin for NFT management build on Rarible Protocol Plugin for that enables interaction with Rarible