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Rarible SDK No-Code plugin for Bubble

This plugin has been developed by EzCode.

You can now use the Rarible Protocol SDK and build your own NFT Marketplace without deep knowledge on how to code. We have integrated the SDK in a no-code plugin for

You can use the SDK without any programming skills and build your own NFT Marketplace entirely without code. We have integrated SDK into a no-code plugin for the biggest no-code platform

Link to the plugin

Link to documentation

Examples on using the plugin

All examples are open source, you can see how it works from the inside.

API supported features:

  • Get Item Metadata
  • Get Item Data
  • Get Orders By Wallet
  • Get Order By Hash
  • Get NFT Ownership
  • Get NFT Order Activities
  • Get Order Activities By Item
  • Get All NFT Items By Owner, Creator, Collection

SDK supported features:

  • ERC721 and ERC1155 supported
  • Mint
  • Lazy Mint (Buyer pays the fee)
  • Custom Royalties
  • Custom Origin Fees
  • Create Order (Sell, Bid)
  • Buy item
  • Accept Bid
  • Transfer an NFT to other wallet
  • Cancel Order
  • Burn

For any plugin/bubble related questions we have a separate thread on Bubble’s forum here.

How to use:


  1. Place the element Rarible SDK on the page

  2. Make sure it is visible (not in a popup or a hidden group)

  3. Select the network in the plugin element field "Environment"

Ready to go?

We are working on documentation and more demo pages.

NFT Marketplaces being built with this plugin: - one2all

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