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To buy NFT with Rarible Protocol you should have order id for NFT you are interested in - you can get order id with Rarible API

You can buy NFTs with Rarible Multichain Protocol on different blockchains.

Before start, install and configure Rarible SDK and required wallets.

Buy an NFT

You can buy any NFTfor which sell order is created

Use buy function:

import { createRaribleSdk } from "@rarible/sdk"
import { toOrderId} from "@rarible/types"

async function buyNft(orderId: string) {
    const sdk = createRaribleSdk(wallet, "dev")

    // Get order info
    const buy = await{                           
    orderId: toOrderId(orderId) 

     * Number of NFTs to buy or to sell (in case of accepting bids)
     * amount: number
     * Origin fees, if not supported by the underlying contract, will throw Error
     * originFees?: UnionPart[]
     * Payouts, if not supported by the underlying contract, will throw Error
     * payouts?: UnionPart[]
     * Use infinite approvals (for ERC-20)
     * infiniteApproval?: boolean
     * ItemId for fill collection order
     * itemId?: ItemId | ItemId[]
     * Max fees value. Should be greater than 0. If required and not provided, will throw Error
     * maxFeesBasePoint?: number,
     * Force pay royalties. It's working only on AMM orders
     * addRoyalties?: boolean

    // Send transaction
    const result = await buy.submit(
    amount: 1,    //amount of NFTs you want to buy
    // result: IBlockchainTransaction
  • orderId — Id of NFT sale order, has format ${blockchain}:${orderId}. For example, ETHEREUM:0x19f487016770542dc6137b06499a4f7b42c9580f12d85d6347964b03b7682143
  • amount — amount of NFT tokens you want to buy

See more information about usage Protocol SDK on