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API Reference

Documentation and base URL

ATTENTION: Flow blockchain is temporary out of support - no data is provided on API for Flow blockchain, direct API calls with FLOW blockchain specified are ruturning ERROR 400 "Flow is not supported"

Use these base URLs to access our API on different networks. or any testnet equivalent is compatible with all blockchains supported by the Rarible Protocol. We also use the term multichain to describe this compatibility case in the docs.

Documentation Base URL Environments For all environments Production (Mainnet) Development (Rinkeby, Mumbai, Ithaca)

On the page, you can make API requests using the TryIt function. To start using:

  1. Change environments on the top left side
  2. Choose API method
  3. Click Try it button:
    1. Configure the request parameters if required
    2. Click Send button

Also see additional information and API usage examples on the Search Capabilities page.


The API interacts with different blockchain networks for different environments.


  • Ethereum: mainnet
  • Tezos: mainnet
  • Flow: mainnet
  • Polygon: mainnet
  • Solana: mainnet-beta
  • Immutablex: mainnet


  • Ethereum: rinkeby
  • Tezos: ithaca
  • Flow: devnet
  • Polygon: mumbai
  • Solana: devnet
  • Immutablex: ropsten